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ALLONS PUBLIC SCHOOL   BEMETARA  :  2nd July 2017 APS  Bemetara  celebrated its 15th  foundation day  with  gaiety  and great  enthusiasm  . The Chief guest  was Mr. Kartikeya Goel   recently joined  DM of  Bemetara, who was felicitated   by Principal Mr. Ram Chandran . The celebrations began at 9.00am  with  recitation of “Saraswati Vandana”  and lighting  of  lamp  by Honorable  Chief Guest , Collector of  Bemetara ,   accompanied by  Director  Mr. Pushkal Arora , Guest of Honor Mr. Govind Mudaliar Director MPower , Administrator Mr. Sunil Sharma  , Principal Mr. Ram Chandran  and Mr. Arun Pal . Honoring    the dignitaries  a welcome  dance  directed by  Mr . Nitin Garhpale  was presented  after which  Principal Mr. Ram Chandran  delivered  the welcome speech,in which he congratulated  the guests  and the gathering and said , that the greatest  journey starts  with  small steps,   and so  did Allons  Public School begin  its journey  in the  year  2003  with a sense of mission  and purpose . At the beginning  there were 130 students  and  a teaching staff of  20 teachers , although,  much has changed  but our mission  and purpose  have not changed.Today  we have  900 students and 75 staff  members .  This all began  with the bold decision  of  Chairman  Mr . Deepak Arora. He thanked  and  welcomed  all the  dignitaries  and guests who  came  to attend  the program .

Matching the occasion  a specially scripted birthday song was presented by the music department, followed by a colorful orchestra guided by Mr. Hariom Soni and Mrs. Gririja Soni. After which  a vibrant   Rajsthani dance guided  by Mr. Nitin Garhphale   was presented  .  Bharat Natyam  guided by Miss  Priyanka  with the theme  of “ Ganesh Stuti”  was presented   next .  An impressive mime show directed by  a group  of young enthusiastic  teachers  including   Miss Kalpana ,  Miss Anu, Miss Renu , Miss  Suman , Miss Monisha , and Mr.  Rohit ,  presented  the theme of saving water  which was much  appreciated  by the dignitaries  and  the gathering  too .

Adding to the excitement  and enjoyment  a funny  dance  was presented by students group directed by Mr. Anthony Simpson  and Mr. Nitin Garhphale.

Guest of Honor   Mr. Govind Mudaliar  presented the Chairman  Mr.  Deepak Arora’s  message who  congratulated  everyone  especially  the teachers   on this  happy  occasion .He  explained the motto  of the school  “ Learning to  live  together”  .  He appealed  to the students to  actively   learn , and sought   support from  all the  teachers  to make  it a success .

This was  followed by  a speech delivered  by  Mr. Pushkal Arora   Director  APS who  said that  we always  keep in view  that  how far  have  we achieved  my  father’s  vision  which was to produce Doctors ,Engineers and  be able  to speak  in English. Now  we have to  step in to  another  dimension,   that is –  technology  driven .We have  to keep in view  the developments which would be necessary  for the next 15 years . He also  laid stress  on the  dedicated  efforts   of the staff , students  and  the  feedback  of parents  which  would enable  us,  to provide what  more  is  required,  in order to meet  the  vision’s  requirements, which we  shall  gladly   provide .

The Chief Guest   Collector  Mr. Kartikeya Goel  expressed  his thanks  to teachers  who helped  him  to achieve  more than what he had   expected  and said that school  is a second home .  He  advised the students  to take advantage  of  all the facilities  to shape their future .  He warned  that  this world is a “shark – tank”  while  the school is a  “fish  – tank” . Today  there is  hyper  competitive  environment   owing to  over- population.  Concluding  his speech he quoted the lines of famous American poet  Robert    Frost   “  The  woods  are  lovely  dark  and  deep , but  I have promises  to keep ,  and  miles  to go and  miles  to go before  I  go to sleep” , which means we should never  be  distracted  by the attractions  of the world   but  strive  to  move  to wards  our goal  and  always try  to   be the best.

The Allons family as a mark of honor, and a token of love, presented a memento, to the chief guest Mr. Kartikeya Goel, Collector Bemetara, which was handed over to him by, Director Mr. Pushkal Arora

Vote of thanks   was proposed  by  Mr. Arun pal  who   profusely  thanked  Mr. Jaspal Singh Arora   whose  gracious   presence  was welcome , being  the founder member  as well as  the mentor  and guide   of the school who always has  been  the source of  inspiration and a great help .  He also  thanked all the dignitaries ,  guests,  teachers and students who  contributed  for the success of the program .The entire program was anchored by Mr. Ajay Pandey PGT Physics  .The program ended with the rendition  of  the National Anthem .

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