Admission of Students without regard to race, color , religion, cast & creed.

Allons Public School


School Fees

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"Brightening every child's talent and securing future".
pal sir

Arun Pal

HOD Sports


Arun Pal

HOD Sports

pal sir
“Brightening every child’s talent and securing future”.

ALLONS means, Lets Go, Lets Live, Lets Learn

"We try to make a positive attitude for child's overall development and make them a global citizen."

Mahendra Pandey



Mahendra Pandey


“We try to make a positive attitude for child’s overall development and make them a global citizen.”


School Fee Rules & Schedule





1st Installment

At the time of Admission


2nd Installment

1st to 10th July


3rd Installment

1st to 10th September


4th Installment

1st to 10th November


5th Installment

1st to 10th January


  1. Admission Fee: For Classes I to XII = 15000/- (One Time).
  2. Parents, who pay the fee in installment should pay the same before 10th of the month on which installment falls due or else Late fine will be charged after due date as per school norms i.e. Rs. 100/- per day.
  3. Govt. employees are eligible for 50% waiver on admission fee.
  4. Siblings waiver of 50% on admission fee for the second child.( Benefit can be availed for any one)
  5. Fees once paid will not be refunded. Those who leave the school in the middle of the session must pay the fee in full for the whole session.
  6. Boarding fee(Boarders) for the whole session is chargeable even if admission is sought in the middle of the academic year.
  7. Fees are charged from the beginning of each term irrespective of the joining date of the child. If a child is withdrawn in mid-term the fee for the entire term would be payable.
  8. Any boarder leaving the school or seek Admission in the middle of academic year has to pay the boarding fee as well as school fee for the whole year.
  9. Brother Sister Consession in Rs. 1000/- in School Fee.
  10. Mess and Bus facility is optional.(For Day Boarders only)
  11. No Notice/Reminder/ Message will be given to the parents or students for clearing the fees for above mentioned Schedule.
  12. If you deposit the fee in the bank, the counter foil must be deposited in the office, otherwise it will be treated as Non-Payment.