Admission of Students without regard to race, color , religion, cast & creed.

Allons Public School


Boarding Life

Boarding Information

The school has arranged hostel with mess facility for both boys and girls.  It is a home, away from home that provides comfortable living in hygienic atmosphere.  Events are scheduled to learn to manage their time to fulfill their arrangements and to find enough time to recreation and relax.  Personalization supportive supervisions is rampant all the time.

Morning and evening class arranged under the supervision of expert faculties across the country.  It brings the students to the stream of regular learning.  Ample opportunities are at the disposed of the students to make use of the extensive collection of books, periodicals and journals available in the library.

Hygienic and tasty vegetarian food is served in the mess.  Menu is changed every day.  Sweet dish is served every week end.

From the day of admission to the hostel, inmates will be under the care and love of the concerned warden and matron.  We follow “Mother concept” for the children of class 1 to 5.

The resident student should abide by the hostel rules current by in force or may be enforced from time to time.   The school may refuse accommodation to any student who is known to have grossly violated the hostel rules or whose pressure is likely to disturb the peace and tranquility of hostel.  Violation of hostel rules will make the student liable to disciplinary action including expulsion from the hostel.


The boarding accommodation consists of separate building for boys and girls with big aerie dormitories to facilitate accommodation for 400 boys and so for girls with ease. As compared to other facility we have placed attention on bathrooms and toilets. The bathrooms and toilets are divided by cubical, partitions: scrupulously clean with hot and cold water facility which gives it as international standards.

Food (Meals)

We provide pure vegetarian food. Milk and breakfast is twice a day to all boarders. The menu comprises of Panjabi, South Indian, Common Indian, Seasonal Vegetables and Continental Dishes. The kitchen is well equipped with modern gazettes to serve the pupils hygienically cooked food and keep them in the state of good health. The catering is supervised by catering manager and menu is prepared with the support of a dietician. On the advice of medical officer special dished are also provided whenever needed.

Nutritious meals are very important for the Mental & Physical and overall development of child. A balance & complete diet has a great effect on the growth of students and their learning potential. Thus we giver proper attention to their food habit and avoid junk food.

Note :- The school has its own organic farm and produces various seasonal fruits. The school is very particular about cultural, social and spiritual sentiments thus serving only pure vegetarian meals.

Buddy Club

The ALLONS has developed Buddy Club. Buddy clubs are the groups of pupil where each student of group is a buddy of another one and are responsible for their group activity.

Buddy system is also used for new boarder where he/she is allocated a group of buddies of their own per group, which assist the new child in settling into boarding house. This approach brings up the new students doubts and course easily.

Medical Facility

Students at ALLONS are provided with medical facility. The dispensary is equipped with 2 beds. Electric Vaporizer (Inhaler) for asthmatics students, First- aid care, primary medical aid for common diseases under a qualified doctor at school.

Note :-
1. Doctor in school (09.30 Am to 05.00 Pm)
2. Doctor on Call 24×7

Recreation and Entertainment

  • Aiming to make Boarding enjoyable, the school encourages students to spend most of life time in campus. They are encouraged to participate in various recreational activity to display their talents be it singing, drama, oratory, historical, dancing, instrumental and various aspects of stage management.
  • The auditorium of hostel facilities Audio Video system to Boarders where they enjoy appropriate movies of weekends.
  • Students may also avail these provisions to the end of there schedule as common room activity.

Students Parents Interaction

Phone calls & Exits.

  1. Parents are advised to be updated with calling & meeting timings through the Website Calendar & Mobile Application.
  2. Only parents will be allowed to enter in school premises on meeting days with their ID Card.
  3. Parents are not allowed to come to school on holidays.
  4. During exams parents are not allowed to enter in school premises. Second Sunday will also be cancelled for Meeting or calling during exams.
  5. School has rights to change the schedule of calling & meeting as per their connivance and students study schedule.
  6. Parents may take their ward on  second Sunday of the month between 10.00 am to 04.00 pm for exits.
  7. Parents may make phone calls as per the Schedule of their ward.
  8. In case of any query of emergency parents may make phone calls round the clock in the given school and boarding contact numbers.
  9. Parents are advised to avoid making unnecessary frequent, phone calls in the school or boarding.
  10. Parents are advised not to send any other person for meeting with their ward.

Festivals & Celebrations

 The school organizes informed get together through students on occasions like Victory Celebrations, Various festivals like Ganesh Jayanti, Janmastmi, Lohri, Eid and on Birthdays. These activities include mental acceptance, co-ordinations and feelings of togetherness in students, thus they feel boarding a enjoyable place.


Looking of the interest of students food habits towards packaged food, Chocolates and Beverages the school provides canteen facility in weekends.

  1. Students are given token money to buy things or eatables of their choice from canteen. Canteen provide continental, Chinese, South Indian, Panjabi Dishes as well as cold drinks, chocolates of different quality, Chips, fruit salad etc.
  2. Parents are advised to submit their wards canteen money separately in advance to account office.
  3. Parents are given liberty to deposit some amount as they wish min 2000.00 Rs. To Max 5000.00 Rs.
  4. After every visit to the canteen the amount deposited by the students will be deducted as per the bill.
  5. Parents may deposit the canteen money on the day of reporting or exeat or with the school fee.

Tours & Excursion

The Allons school organizes educational tours and excursion to different places of historical and educational importance of India and abroad countries through travel agencies. The students of Std 6 to 11 are advised to register their name for the tour with the concern of parents before 45 days from the date of commencement of the tour. Parents also may directly register their wards name for tour. Viewing at the 100% result of XIIth Std. students they are allowed to go on this tour. Only limited no. of students are allowed to go on a tour. Selections of students are on the basis of registration from and first made payments before 3o days in advance to concerned tour in – charge teacher or office.

Any circumstances arises in concerned with the selection of student after stipulated time & date registration and payment is not entertained.