Admission of Students without regard to race, color , religion, cast & creed.

Allons Public School


About Us

Positive Impact

"Brightening every child's talent and securing future".
pal sir

Arun Pal

HOD Sports


Arun Pal

HOD Sports

pal sir
“Brightening every child’s talent and securing future”.

ALLONS means, Lets Go, Lets Live, Lets Learn

"We try to make a positive attitude for child's overall development and make them a global citizen."

Mahendra Pandey



Mahendra Pandey


“We try to make a positive attitude for child’s overall development and make them a global citizen.”

Our Vision

“To serve the humanity at large”

-To inspire and guide your ward to explore their potential at the utmost.

-To imbibe high moral values for character building.

-To infuse a spirit of responsibility for the emergence of a global society.

-To guide and groom your ward to evolve them into self-reliant and value oriented individuals.

-To equip and foster in each child a “Never Say Die” attitude and prepare them to excel in the competitive world.


Our Mission

Our mission is “To attract and develop exceptional students from all across globe and to offer them quality education and prepare children to face all future challenges with dignity and honour to serve the society in a selfless manner and in turn help enable them in becoming a global and ethical citizen.” We further promise to keep our Motto intact which entails “learning to live together”.


Core Beliefs

We are a school with a vision, aimed at creating citizens of a global civilization. The emphasis is on a stimulating, happy learning environment where a child’s talents can be nurtured to fulfillment. Child-Parent-Teacher interaction is an important part of the School.

Hello to All

Pupil Care

Accepts applications from prospective parents throughout the year and those interested are encouraged to contact the school by way of telephone or e-mail by using the contact form to get information. For more information parents should attend a school tour before applying.