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Allons Public School



Workshop on Effective Teaching & Learning


A workshop on effective teaching and learning was held  at Allons Public School   in the Abdul Kalam  auditorium  on  23/07/17  under the aegis  of Quality  Education Asia  .  The training  program   started with  Saraswsati Pooja and lighting  of lamp  by the  team members Mr. Martin Mathews   ( former head teacher  , consultant United  Kingdom)   Miss Nadene  Mackay ( Assistant  head  Education , University of Wales ) , Mr. Rupam Sah ( Lead  Learner  and CEO Quality  Education  Asia ) , Mr. Mukul Goel(Chief coordinator), Mr. Ravi Agrawal (Regional   Head  QEA)  .Director Pushkal Arora ,  Principal  Ram Chandran Allons Public School  .

The program started at 9:00am  with  the  rendition   of the  Welsh  National  Anthem . Mr. Pushkal Arora  in his address  spoke about  the major shifts in global  environment  in the field  of education  ,  the major  strides  that science  has taken  and the keen competition  that  a student has to face  later on .  For this the teacher  should be  equipped   with  proper  updates  in the methodology  and approaches  to teaching  for passing  on the benefits  to the students .

Principal Ram Chandran  said that  in my experience  I have   observed  that  if due care  is given to a child’s  learning  process   , and sensitivity   towards  the child’s  needs ,  by the teachers ,  if practiced , then , every child can  surely  be  uplifted   he added .  Sincere effort in this direction is a  must.

The attending teaching staff  of Allons Public School  were  split  into  groups of four each, after  which Mr. Martin Mathews  elaborated   the fact that  today  the scenario has changed   a lot  with a  paradigm  shift ,  where  the student  of today is not   totally  dependent  on the teacher  they have access  to  google  for receiving  information  on any subject  . So ,now  as a facilitator ,  what we can do  is to inspire ,  motivate  and guide  the citizens of the future to be a successful  self directed  learner , and further more turn the  student into a useful citizen .

After which an inter active  session was carried out  by  Miss Nadene Mackay  who demonstrated  the value of  group activity where even the introverts  get  an opportunity  to express themselves  . Importance of peer learning  , a variety  of methods  to assess  the learning outcomes   and how to plan out  a strategy  for improvement  in further  teaching  were elaborated .

Assessment of learning  and assessment for learning  was thoroughly  explained .

The teaching staff of Allons Public  School  were   greatly benefited   through this  program  , who  enthusiastically  took part  in all the activities  .  At the end  of the program  Certificates  of participation   were handed over  to the  participants  by Miss  Nadene Mackay &Mr.  Martin Mathews .

The program ended with the rendition of National  Anthem   by all the staff  members  of Allons Public School , entire program  was anchored  by Mr. Shynu  k. Thomas . P.G.T.Accountancy  APS .   Vote of thanks was proposed   by Mr. Ajay Pandey P.G.T.  Physics .


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